LIBR 264 Unit 3 Wks 3-4 Discussion

I think that the answer to “Are there boy books and girl books?” depends on who you ask.  If it were me, I would say that there are books that are marketed to girls and books that are marketed to boys.  I think publishers actively market to certain niches or demographics so that they can maximize the bottom line.  However, as a student of library science, I am more apt to say that a good story is what a librarian should recommend to a reader, not a “boy” book or “girl” book.  I’m very much in agreement with the Opposing Viewpoints author: “I’d much rather talk about books for those who want action, or quick reads, or emotional exploration, etc., than talking about ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ books” (para. 5).  For this unit, we were assigned to read Hatchet and Are You There God?  It’s Me, Margaret?  I think that these two books, if they were in a Barnes & Noble, would probably be marketed to boys (Hatchet) and to girls (Are You There God?  It’s Me, Margaret?).  What the two have in common are that they are well-written and have captivating and relatable protagonists.  Developmentally, it could be argued that girls and boys would enjoy reading about the adventure and personal growth that happens in both novels.  Although the type of adventure in Hatchet is experienced by a boy (Brian) in the wilderness, it is not too different from what Margaret experiences.  It could be said that it was an adventure for Margaret to find her place among the tweens at her school and among people of different faiths.  For the characters, being a tween in the woods and a tween in school are equally bewildering.

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